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Whole 9F are chocolate festival! Abundant line-up such as chocolate from popular domestic and foreign patisserie chocolatory, chocolate of cacaotie that brings enormous passion to searching for cacao, Japanese chocolate that have a sense of Japanese beauty. Also, there are many chocolate sweets that you can eat there.

Valentine chocolate exhibition

◎Jan 23 (Wed) to Feb 14 (Thu)

◎9F Event Hall , Shukusai Plaza , Hankyu Umeda Gallary , Art Stage , Hankyu Umeda Hall

B1 Western confectionery and Japanese confectionery area are theme park of chocolate. There are elaborate chocolate sweets from limited edition shops and well-known popular brand shops.

Valentine chocolate exhibition
chocolate sweets park

◎Jan 16(Wed) to Feb 14 (Thu)

◎B1 Western confectionery area,Japanese confectionery area


Items of Ralph Lauren for autumn and winter are good deal. It has abundant line-up of big size items for ladies and men and golf wear.

Ralph Lauren special sale

◎Feb 16(Sat) to Feb 18 (Mon)

◎9F Event Hall
Please present your coupon when entering.

Moomin that is loved all over the world.Closing up the world of the novel version Moomin. Monument that used the story as a subject is must-see. Look forward to the goods at the venue only.

Moomin festival 2019

◎Feb 16(Sat) to Feb 25 (Mon)

◎9F Shukusai Plaza

You can enjoy a good flavor of seasonal ingredients from Kyushu. Spring taste gathers such as "Cherry anthias chirashi-sushi",soft serve using strawberry called "Beni-Honoka". Also there is special rice bowl using Japanese Brown Cattle and horse meat at a hall.

Spring exhibition of the products of Kyushu

◎Feb 20(Wed) to Feb 26 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall

Popular brands wear for baby,maternity,and kids are offered at a special price. Also,goods for childbirth preparation are good deal.

Fashion bazaar
【Held at the same time】
NARUMIYA International
Special Sale of popular brands

◎Feb 22(Fri) to Feb 26 (Tue)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Hall

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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