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Enjoy a collection of traditional and modern Japanese crafts. A wide variety of goods will be available, including Tobe ware ceramic products made according to Edo Period methods, figurines, colorful daruma (Japanese tumbling dolls), and other good luck omens.

Japan Manufacturing Market

◎9F Event Hall

◎Dec. 20 (Wed) to 31 (Sun)

See a collection of good luck omens created by Japanese artisans centered around the themes of “Dressing”, “Eating”, and “Decorating”. The items on display include daruma (Japanese tumbling dolls) and other objects designed with the zodiac sign for 2018, the Year of the Dog.

rooms Ji-Ba

◎1F Coto Coto Stage 11

◎Dec. 26 (Tue) to 31 (Sun)


Featuring a symbolic garden designed by Kay Yamada, the gardening guru who popularized British-Style gardens in Japan, as well as planted artwork. Gardening goods and British sweets in addition to planting workshops and other events will also be available.

Kay Yamada's British-Style Gardening Life


◎Jan. 10 (Wed) to 15 (Mon)

The Kanazawa, Kaga, Noto Exhibition features a variety of products, including foods such as seafood rice bowls from Kanazawa’s Omi-cho Market, sushi from popular restaurants, and delicious confections, as well as various crafts such as Godzilla-themed traditional Kutani ware ornaments.

Delicious and beautiful.
Kanazawa, Kaga, Noto Exhibition

◎9F Event Hall

◎Jan. 17 (Wed) to 22 (Mon)

Experience a chocolate festival covering the entire 9th floor. Delight in chocolates from popular Japanese and international patisseries and chocolateries, unique chocolates from “cacaotiers” with a distinct passion for the wonders of cacao, delicious chocolate sommelier-select items, and chocolate made with sake and sweet bean jam.

Valentine Chocolate Exhibition 2018

◎9F Event Hall, SHUKUSAI Plaza, Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Art Stage, Hankyu Umeda Hall

◎Jan. 24 (Wed) to Feb. 14 (Wed)

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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