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Featuring some 140 popular bread stores from throughout Japan under one roof. Enjoy a wide range of breads, from meal sides to desserts and sweets.
Don’t miss the “Local Breads”—proud creations from each of Japan’s 47 prefectures.

The 5th Hankyu Bread Fair

◎9F Event Hall

◎Oct. 25 (Wed) to Oct. 30 (Mon)

See first-hand table coordination demonstrations from eight table coordinators, cooking specialists, and hospitality professionals.
Seminars and workshops will also be offered. Includes domestic and international shops offering various items used in Christmas table decoration.

Table Creation 2017
Colorful Celebrations of Christmas!


◎Oct. 25 (Wed) to Oct. 30 (Mon)


Discover handicrafts made with rich materials by exquisitely skilled artisans. Experience the charms of Italy, the land of gastronomical and artistic wonder.
This year’s event includes an in-depth look at the outstanding women of Italy, including the founder of the popular Italian restaurant “Mamma”.

Italia Fair 2017

◎9F Event Hall/SHUKUSAI Plaza, various other floors

◎Nov. 1 (Wed) to 7 (Tue)

“An” is an indispensable component of Japanese sweets.
Experience a variety of bean jam–filled sweets, from “An” parfait made with seasonal ingredients to traditional Japanese confection store “Anpan”.

Enjoying Japanese Food Culture:
The 3rd “An” Special story

◎9F Event Hall

◎Nov. 9 (Thu) to 16 (Thu)

Presenting 2017’s once-a-year shopping celebration. Take advantage of early sales of the latest collections and pick up event-limited items.


FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2017 OSAKA in Umeda Hankyu & Hankyu Men’s Osaka

◎9F Event Hall

◎Nov. 15 (Wed) to 21 (Tue)

Introducing a limited-time shop for “sacai” from designer Chitose Abe. Discover special items including BE@RBRICK figures wearing the latest fall/winter 2017 looks.

“sacai” pop-up store
“Jardin sacai”

◎1F Coto Coto Stage 11

Featuring classical dresses complementing femininity with styles from Paris, London, and New York—the fashion frontlines of the world.


◎3F Coto Coto Stage 31

Under the theme “GLAM GALA”, this year’s event includes a ceremony at an ornate venue with numerous deluxe guests. From “VOGUE” photoshoots to a novelty prize casino, there are a variety of special one-time-only events to enjoy.


◎9F Event Hall

◎Starting at 2:00 pm, Nov. 18 (Sat) and 1:00 pm, Nov. 19 (Sun)

Introducing Christmas goods from Finland and other Scandinavian countries.
Food stalls offering local cuisine celebrating Christmas will also be available.

Christmas Countdown Celebration
“Himmeli” of Light and Scandinavian Christmas Market 2017


◎Nov. 22 (Wed) to Dec. 25 (Mon)

The “Himmeli of Light” mirror ball featuring Himmeli based on Finnish traditional decorations will make an appearance again this year.
Following the lighting ceremony at 10:50 am on Nov. 22 (Wed), visitors will be treated to a fantastic sound and light show at the top of every hour.

Don’t miss the lighting ceremony for the Himmeli illuminated mirror ball!


◎10:50 am, Nov. 22 (Wed)

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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