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From traditional flavors of the world to the delicacies of up-and-coming pâtissiers, the event features a unique variety of cookies. Beverages that complement the cookies are also available.

The Allure of Cookies

◎Feb. 28 (Wed) to Mar. 5 (Mon)


See the whole selection of new spring dogwear and fine toys to treat your beloved dogs. Numerous features liven up the event, including trial fitness programs and massages, dog fashion shows, and obedience classes.

Hankyu Hello Dog Festa 2018 Spring
~ Enriching life with your dog ~

◎Feb. 28 (Wed) to Mar. 3 (Sat)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Hall

This event puts the spotlight on Paris, where tradition mingles with modern charm, and Bourgogne, celebrated for its rich culinary culture. Popular local pâtisseries and old-line handicraft shops will come together here at Hankyu. Visitors are wellcomed by dance and opera performacences.

France Fair 2018

◎Mar. 7 (Wed) to 13 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall/SHUKUSAI Plaza

BACCARAT, representing the French “L’Art de Vivre (the art of living)”, introduces its newest lighting fixtures and other creative work that highlight interior space.

BACCARAT Exhibition 2018

◎Mar. 7 (Wed) to 12 (Mon)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery

A wide selection of cards, letter paper, stamps as well as Hankyu's new original collection of memo pads, forntain pens and color inks are all here on the 9th floor. Also A post box is set for visitors to post letters at the venue.

Hankyu Stationery Expo, 2018 Spring
Round 1: “Letters to deliver your thoughts”

◎Mar. 14 (Wed) to 20 (Tue)


The second expo features an extensive selection of envelopes for various occasions to deliver your congratulations and other celebratory thoughts. Original business cards can also be ordered at the venue. Check out the creatively designed paper goods made by various artists.

Hankyu Stationery Expo, 2018 Spring
Round 2: “Happy Paper Marché”

◎Mar. 21 (Wed) to 26 (Mon)


Celebrating 15th years as an animation director, the gallery traces and introduces Makoto Shinkai’s work through storyboards, character model sheets, and other valuable production materials, along with video images. Also goods exclusive to the exhibition are on sale with limited number of items in the gallery.

Makoto Shinkai Gallery:
From “Voices of a Distant Star” to “Your Name”

◎Mar. 14 (Wed) to Apr. 2 (Mon)
Admission: Adults: 1,000 yen, Children of elementary school age or below: Free

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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