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Northern Italy, a place where poeple respect craftworkers and their wonderful creations and have passion and curiosity for food. This year’s event focuses on Northern Italy with product lineup of seasonal white truffles pasta, popular desserts from Milan, and stylish accessories and bags. The more you know it, the more apealing the place become.

Italia Fair 2018

◎Oct 31 (Wed) to Nov 6 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall/SHUKUSAI Plaza, All Floors
*Availability of stores is subject to change depending on conditions such as weather.

From wood-centric learning initiatives based on shapes, textures, and colors in Germany and Switzerland, to family board game time in Germany, to storybook reading in the Netherlands, to picnics essential for an idyllic French family weekend, the World Discovery: Happiness Expo introduces how families around the world spend quality time and communicate one other.

World Discovery: Happiness Expo
Family Fun and Enjoyment

◎Nov 8 (Thu) to 15 (Thu)

*Availability of stores is subject to change depending on conditions such as weather.

Presenting 2018’s once-a-year fashion celebration! Browse the latest collections from popular brands, Hankyu-exclusive items, and special content on every floor!

VOGUE FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2018 OSAKA at Umeda Hankyu and Hankyu Men’s Osaka
Hankyu Special Week

◎Nov 14 (Wed) to 20 (Tue)

Enjoy two-day only disco party in SHUKUSAI Plaza on the 9th floor with shows, games, and other special events! Hear from esteemed guests during the opening ceremonies starting on Saturday 17 November, 2pm and Sunday 18 November, 1pm.


◎Nov 17 (Sat), starting at 2 pm; Nov 18 (Sun), starting at 1 pm


Eat and compare breads from around the world! Discover global specialties such as Simit bread from Turkey and Mandazi from Africa, sandwiches from around the world, white and chocolate breads, and daily special bagels and curry-filled breads.

The 7th Hankyu Bread Fair

◎Nov 14 (Wed) to 19 (Mon)

◎9F Event Hall

Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th screen debut anniversary on November 18 ! Various limied-time only shops will open for this special event. Discover a variety of unique creator goods including tote bags made from old Disney store wrapping paper.

Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary
Special Shop

◎Nov 14 (Wed) to 19 (Mon)

◎9F Art Stage

Browse a Christmas market in a city of the future. The mirror ball ornament overhead will wrap the space in a twinkling of lights sure to warm your heart with Christmas cheer!

Tomorrow’s Heartwarming Christmas

◎Nov 20 (Tue) to Dec 25 (Tue)


*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Watch as we light up this year’s majestic mirror ball ornament with a ceremony kicking off at 10:50 am. Sound and light shows will liven up the atmosphere throughout the days at the top of every hour.

Mirror Ball Light-Up Ceremony

◎From 10:50 am, Nov 21 (Wed)


Savor the delicious flavors of brand name products from Tohoku, including Maezawa beef and Hinai chicken. Other products include popular Zunda edamame sweets and Japanese sake produced by the family brewery of the historic leader Date Masamune.

“Tohoku North Eastern Japan” Products Fair

◎Nov 21 (Wed) to 27 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall
*Availability of stores is subject to change depending on conditions such as weather.

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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