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We introduce shoes and sandals, bags which are useful in early summer at bargain price.Leather materials and thick soles, popular sneakers are also on display.

Early summer women's shoes・bags on special offer

◎May 21(Tue) to 27(Mon)

◎9th Floor Event Hall

Ingredients and dishes that meet the standards of organic and fair trade appeared. Artistic works and groceries made of natural materials and waste are also popular.

GOOD for GREEN Festival

◎May 22(Wed) to 27(Mon)

◎9th Floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

Presenting a friendly and simple Nordic lifestyle that are advocating nature, things and community.At the SHUKUSAI Plaza,with the theme of “ Summer Cottage Life in Finland” ,there are products that are essential for leisure places such as "sauna" and berry ice cream.

Nordic Fair2019

◎May 29(Wed) to Jun 4(Tue)

◎9th Floor Event Hall ・SHUKUSAI Plaza

New · Japanese aesthetic sense / Click here for details

We suggest the way of thinking of Zen that cherish the present and preach simple life. A meditation item that can calm you down and a powdered tea stand etc appeared.The non-christian priest of Zen Temple will hold introductory activities of Zen every day.

Every day is good ∼Play Zen∼

◎Jun 6(Thu) to 10(Mon)

◎9th Floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

Soul food such as Okinawa Soba and Ishigaki Island's classic rice balls, and sweets that made use of prefectural fruits such as mango and acerola.
In addition, there are clothing and bags made from the traditional dyeing method of Okinawa, and Okinawa's very popular food and goods come together.

Delicious lovely Okinawa Exhibition

◎Jun 12(Wed) to 18(Tue)

◎9th Floor Event Hall

Products that combine well-known brands with world culture and traditional technologies are receiving attention."ANNA SUI" × Yamamoto Kansai's items and "Benetton" × HANKYU's original cooperation projects will also be exhibited.


◎Jun 19(Wed) to 24(Mon)

◎9th Floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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