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Enjoy a variety of exhibits, including the Moominhouse where the Moomins live. A wide selection of Moomin goods, including limited-edition items and collaboration with popular brands.



◎Feb. 16 (Fri) to 26 (Mon)

Find event-only brands and makeup items that won’t be available anywhere else. Enjoy various activities including a free sampling corner with lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes, as well as makeup demonstrations and seminars.

Learn, Try, Choose Makeup Event

◎9F Event Hall

◎Feb. 16 (Fri) to 19 (Mon)

Enjoy insights into food-related histories and manufacturing methods, current recipe trends, and various eats throughout the food floors. The event will also include seminars by food professionals, including the “Marriage of Wine and Food” seminar hosted by a senior sommelier.

Hankyu Foods Academy

◎B1, B2 Food

◎Feb. 15 (Thu) to 27 (Tue) *Excluding Feb. 18 (Sun) and 25 (Sun).

Enjoy delicacies from 70 stores from locations related to Takamori Saigo, a famous samurai who lived during the late Edo Period, including ramen in pork-bone broth from Ibusuki, and “kaku manju” bean jam-filled buns from Kirishima. Approximately 20 handicraft items will also be available, including Satsuma Kiriko cut glass and Satsuma pottery.

Kyushu Spring Fair

◎9F Event Hall

◎Feb. 21 (Wed) to 27 (Tue)

Get a first-hand look at Korea’s hottest fashion. The event will include “5252 by o!oi” and other brands popular with today’s fashion-sensitive generation. Special event items will also be available.

Hello Seoul - Asian new wave vol.1 -

◎1F Coto Coto Stage 11

◎Feb. 21 (Wed) to 27 (Tue)

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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