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Attention to attractive "paper" as material. Opened a paper restaurant "Paperant", you can select your favorite paper and we retouched it into cards, notebooks, business cards, etc.

Hankyu Stationery Fair 2019 Spring
~Happy Paper Market II~

◎Feb 27 (Wed) to Mar 4 (Mon)

◎9th floor Shukusai Plaza

The Events and workshops enriching time with pet dogs.
Also introduce the original new wear "Hankyu Hello DOG".

Hello DOG Festa

◎Feb 27(Wed) to Mar 2(Sat)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Hall
【Free entrance】

Search!Learn! Useful! Approximately 20 brands of the latest skincare, makeup, inner beauty all together.
Please look forward to venue limited items, limited-time brands, and purchase gifts.


◎Feb 27(Wed) to Mar 5(Tue)

◎9F Event Hall


We introduce the charm of cookie which is so much fun to know, such as cookies as snacks and cookies that telling feelings.

The second event
"Attractiveness of the cookie"

◎Mar 6(Wed) to 9(Sat) World's cookies

◎Mar 10(Sun) to 14(Thu) Evolution of Japanese Cookies

◎9th floor Shukusai Plaza

Popular lighting from the latest work to collection including chandeliers and lamps is gathered.
Proposing coordination with high-end European furniture.

Lladro Exhibition
〜a good quality of life with Lladro〜

◎Mar 6(Wed) to 14(Thu)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda gallery
【Exhibition sale · Free entrance】

Close up of Provence in Southern France.
The taste of authentic flavors such as the bouillabaisse made by popular shops in Marseille, and St. Tropez 's confectionary tropèzienne etc get together. Also check out adorable marine looks and accessories. Please enjoy the event at the venue that brings market to mind.

France Fair 2019

◎Mar 16(Sat) to 25(Mon)

◎9th floor Shukusai Plaza

Experience the lifestyle of Provence with abundant plants.
There are various events such as participatory workshops and production demonstrations of "fragrance". Huge balloons and giant rose photo spots also appear.


◎Mar 21(Thu) to 24(Sun)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Hall

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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