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Introducing crafts made out of natural materials, such as driftwood and clothing using natural dyes.

Materials-The power of natural ingredients-

◎May 23 (Wed) to 28 (Mon)


Explore images of minority ethnic groups around the world captured firsthand by the photographer Nagi Yoshida, who spent extensive time with each group. The photo exhibit commemorates the release of “HEROES,” the photographer’s most recent published photo collections. T-shirts and postcards will be available for purchase, pre-order for the exhibition photos are available, and Yoshida herself will be present for providing autographs.

Nagi Yoshida Photography Exhibit

◎May 23 (Wed) to 28 (Mon)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery

[Exhibition sale, Admission free]

Introducing a collection of some 300 different Japanese school bags called randoseru, including Hankyu's new original collection and Hankyu train collection, which embroidered with Hankyu 1000 series.

Randoseru Festival

◎May 26 (Sat) to 28 (Mon) [Limited 3-day event]

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Hall


Introducing delicious food and handicrafts from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Nordic Fair 2018

◎May 30 (Wed) to Jun. 5 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall/SHUKUSAI Plaza
*9F SHUKUSAI Plaza is open until Jun. 4 (Mon).

Collections of beautifully designed, practical handicrafts selected by handicraft store owners from various regions in Japan.

Living with folk crafts 2017

◎Jun. 6 (Wed) to 12 (Tue)


Featuring Kutch, the heart of Indian handicrafts, where the beautiful embroidery and dyeing techniques attract attention from around the world. Items used Kutch textile are available for purchase at the venue.

Textiles from Kutch, a treasury of Indian handicrafts

◎Jun. 13 (Wed) to 18 (Mon)

◎9F SHUKUSAI Plaza, Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Art Stage

Colorful sweets and dessert made from ingredients produced in Okinawa and fashion items of Bingata, a traditional dyed textile are sold at the venue.

Delicious Cute Okinawa Exhibition

◎Jun. 13 (Wed) to 19 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall

Experience the comfortable lifestyle of the Shonan area in Kamakura, where people love nature and cherish local culture. Stylish resort fashion and food that has garnered a lot of buzz will be available at the venue.

Enjoy summer with urban sense
Kamakura Shonan Slow Living

◎Jun. 20 (Wed) to 25 (Mon)


Introducing various artists and their work influenced by jazz. Don’t miss the records that tickle the fancy of jazz lovers and concerts are to be held every day!


◎Jun. 20 (Wed) to 25 (Mon)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery
[Display sale, Admission free]

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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