Nombre Alpha

Nombre Alpha

Jewelry brand luxuriously using diamonds on white gold, pink gold, and yellow gold with motifs of numbers and letters.
Fine open-work by craftsmen is applied on the thick sides and back. 
As well as for basic use as a pendant top, using with your necklace is recommended.   
Also, customizations to meet your requests such as bracelet and lapel pin, and full original order using more than one number or letter are available,    
you can enjoy a higher grade of coordination, different from conventional jewelry.

NOMBRE number motif
Small from 78,750 yen, Medium from 157,000 yen,
Large from 284,000 yen
Ring from 200,000 yen, Cuff links 480,000 yen

ALPHA alphabet motif
Small from 157,000 yen, Large from 367,000 yen


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