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1934年12月28日兵庫県生まれ。慶応大学在学中に、兄・石原慎太郎原作の映画『太陽の季節』(1956年)で銀幕デビュー。端役ながらも圧倒的な存在感で脚光を浴び、続く映画『狂った果実』(1956年)では早くも主役に抜擢されて一躍スターの仲間入りを果たす。1963年に石原プロモーションを設立し、映画製作を開始。映画『黒部の太陽』(1968年)では三船敏郎率いる三船プロダクションとの共同制作で話題を呼び、観客動員数700万人超え、興行収入約16億円という新記録を樹立する。1970年代にテレビの世界に進出すると、若手俳優演じる刑事が次々と殉職するストーリーで最高視聴率40%を記録したドラマ「太陽にほえろ」(1972〜1986年)、派手なアクションや爆破シーンが話題となった「西部警察」(1979〜1984年)で刑事のボス役を演じ、男性も憧れる存在に。歌手としても才能を発揮し、「夜霧よ今夜もありがとう」(1967年)などヒット曲は多数。晩年は病に苦しみ、1987年7月17日 52才で永眠。


Do you know Yujiro Ishihara!?
Yes! The biggest Japanese star in the Showa period.
His popularity among men and women of all ages came from his handsome face, un-Japanese-like height and demeanor, eccentric attitude that shocked even the entertainment industry.

Born on December 28th 1934 in Hyogo Prefecture. While studying at Keio University, he made his film debut in 1956 in his older brother, Shintaro Ishihara’s original movie “Season of the Sun”. Although a minor role, his presence was undeniable. He was given the main role in the film “Crazed Fruit” (1956) and it took no time for him to become a big star. Yujiro founded Ishihara International Productions in 1963 and began producing films. In the movie “The Sands of Kurobe” (1968), his company collaborated with Mifune Productions headed by Toshiro Mifune causing a big stir in public attracting over 7 million people and raised approximately 1.6 billion yen in box-office sales, breaking a new record. In the 1970’s, he expanded into the world of TV. “Taiyo ni Hoero” (1972-1986), a show featuring up-and-coming actors playing roles of detectives that are killed on duty one after another became a huge hit and recorded a 40% viewer rating. In “Seibu Keisatsu” (1979-1984) a thrilling action show with explosion scenes, he played the head of the police force and became a guy all guys aspired to be. He also excelled as a singer and had several hit songs such as “A Warm Misty Night” (1967). He suffered from illnesses later in life and died on July 17th 1987 at the age of 52.

作曲 : 吉田正さん、作詞 : 佐伯孝夫さん、歌手 : フランク永井さん。

“Let’s meet in Yurakucho”
The song is actually not Yujiro Ishihara’s, but a song released by a major record label VICTOR in 1957.
Song written by: Tadashi Yoshida. Lyrics by: Takao Saeki. Singer: Frank Nagai.
The song is covered by various famous artists and is loved to this day.