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Hankyu Department Store is committed to preserving the natural environment and contributing to society through products that address pressing issues to create a better world for future generations.

  1. Eco-friendly bags to help reduce plastic waste

    The bags are made from sewn together hand towels and furoshiki (wrapping cloth). The ability to fold the bags compactly when not in use makes them popular as eco-friendly bags.

  2. Soft baby undergarments made of organic Niigata cotton

    Niigata cotton comes from a native Japanese cotton plant organically grown with the help of local children.
    The cotton is then used to create soft babywear that is both safe and supports local production.

  3. Reusable straws to help reduce plastic waste

    The ability to wash and reuse these stainless steel straws makes them a popular choice for reducing plastic waste that leads to marine pollution.

  4. Upcycled and fair trade bags that contribute to society

    These fair trade bags are made with traditional Brazilian crochet weaving using the pull tabs from cans that shouldn’t be thrown away.

  5. Sneakers made from recycled plastic bottles

    These lightweight B-mesh sneakers made with polyester from recycled plastic bottle are breathable and waterproof.

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