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We gathered popular bread shops from all over Japan! In addition to the "single packaged bread" that you can easily buy and taste, the interesting "Design toast" is also very popular.

The 8th Hankyu Bread Fair

◎April 24(Wed) to 30(Tue)

◎9th Floor Event Hall

Six giant insect robots, such as stag beetles and mantis, gathered at the venue! Through AR (Augmented Reality Technology), you can experience the fun of collecting insects, precious insect specimens and other activities. Cute insect groceries are also dazzling.

Insect GO!

◎April 24(Wed) to May 6(Mon)

◎9th Floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

The world of the Sylvanian Families that has always fascinated adults and children.A large three-dimensional model of the village of Sylvanian is also reproduced. More than 1,000 important materials are on display. Do not miss the limited goods on the exhibition site.

Sylvanian Families Show

◎April 24(Wed) to May 6(Mon)

◎9th Floor Gallery・Art Stage

New · Japanese aesthetic sense / Click here for details

Introducing you the most cutting-edge trends in New York. There is a luxury limited edition lobster roll with caviar from the very popular lobster roll store. There are also jewellery, groceries and works of art that show the artist's personality.

New York Fair 2019

◎May 8(Wed) to 14(Tue)

◎9th Floor Event Hall ・SHUKUSAI Plaza・Each floor

The handwriting and printmaking works of Leiji Matsumoto , the masterpieces of the comic book industry, such as "Galaxy Railway 999" and "Space Battleship Yamato", are sold here.

The 65th anniversary of the drawing a cartoon Industry World Exhibition of Leiji Matsumoto

◎May 15(Wed) to 20(Mon)

◎9th Floor Art Stage

The tea party of mainland China and Taiwan was gathered in SHUKUSAI Plaza. As well as Japanese tea that can be tasted like red wine, so that you can experience the fun of Asian tea. In the event hall, tea brands from all over the world come together.It will also give you a variety of information about tea utensils and refreshments.

World Tea Festival 2019

◎May 16(Thu) to 20(Mon)

◎9th Floor Event Hall ・SHUKUSAI Plaza

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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