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Experience the comfortable lifestyle of the Shonan area in Kamakura, where people love nature and cherish local culture. Stylish resort fashion and food that has garnered a lot of buzz will be available at the venue.

Enjoy summer with urban sense
Kamakura Shonan Slow Living

◎Jun. 20 (Wed) to 25 (Mon)


Introducing various artists and their work influenced by jazz. Don’t miss the records that tickle the fancy of jazz lovers and concerts are to be held every day!


◎Jun. 20 (Wed) to 25 (Mon)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery
[Display sale, Admission free]


Photo courtesy of California Style (Ei Publishing)

Introducing California lifestyle, which cherishes good work–life balance, organic food culture and eco-friendly living. Selections of healthy, sustainable foods, locally popular skin care products and etc. are available at the venue.

Happy Living, California Style

◎Jun. 27 (Wed) to Jul. 2 (Mon)


Find the charm of “Old Hawaii” through sensational, contemporary taste of traditional dishes, and fashion items influenced by modern Hawaiian crafts.

Hawaii Fair 2018

◎Jul. 4 (Wed) to 10 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall/SHUKUSAI Plaza

* Artwork in photo is for reference only.
Featured artwork may vary.

Introducing art works inspired by the blue of Hawaii’s pristine waters from five local artists, such as Heather Brown, an active painter from Oahu’s North Shore.

Hawaiian Blue Exhibition

◎Jul. 4 (Wed) to 9 (Mon)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery
[Exhibition sale, Admission free]

Quilt artist and Hawaii resident, Sayuri Anne Fujiwara introduces traditional Hawaiian quilting to Japan. See a collection of Fujiwara’s Hawaiian quilt works, including bed covers and tapestries. Quilt kits are available for purchase and workshops are to be held at the venue.

The Warmth of Traditional Hawaiian Quilting Techniques
Anne’s Hawaiian Quilting

◎Jul. 4 (Wed) to 9 (Mon)

◎9F Art Stage

Enjoy a collection of fashionable yukata at SHUKUSAI Plaza on the 9th floor (July 18 to 20). And discover unique, stylish independent yukata brands, such as “agris” and “C.H.O.K.O” at Coto Coto Stage 11 on the 1st floor (until July 24).

Yukata Matsuri Festival @hankyu

◎Jul. 18 (Wed) to 31 (Tue)

◎Each floor

©Sebastian Masuda

Experience fashionable, fun Bon Odori (traditional summer festival dance) produced by Sebastian Masuda, art director and a prominent figure in Japanese Kawaii culture at SHUKUSAI Plaza on the 9th floor. Join the folks and get your groove on!

Hankyu BON Festival

◎Jul. 21 (Sat) to 22 (Sun)


*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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