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In addition to cheesecakes from more than 20 cake shops, the show will bring together other kinds of cakes from more than 50 famous shops in various parts of Japan.
To just name a few, the show will feature a tart made by a shop in Saga Prefecture using the Shine Muscat grape, a popular local delicacy, and chocolate gâteau from a patisserie in Tokyo.
Another attraction is an eat-in section where you will be able to enjoy a sweets plate so good that it may even tempt you to take a video!

2nd Hankyu Cake Show

◎October 22 (Tue.) to 28 (Mon.)

◎9th floor Event Hall

An is sweet bean paste often used in traditional Japanese-style confectionery.
In addition to this traditional confectionary, the event will offer various other sweets for you to savor an.
Don’t miss the sheet-shaped yokan (adzuki-bean jelly), and sweets using an served at the venue.

5th Fair of An—Sweet Bean Paste that Enjoys Timeless Popularity

◎October 23 (Wed.) to 28 (Mon.)

◎9th floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

The fair will highlight southern Italian food, craftsmanship and images cultivated through the rich bounty of nature and a cheerful character. A Sicilian townscape will be reproduced in the SHUKUSAI Plaza, where you can enjoy a series of events, including a mini concert and a wine seminar.

Italian Fair 2019

◎October 30 (Wed.) to November 5 (Tues.)

◎9th floor Event Hall and SHUKUSAI Plaza


A fashion festival hosted by Vogue magazine. This year’s festival will take place in a romantic and mysterious venue, designed on the theme of “Night Magic.” A fashion show and other events will be held, featuring special guests.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2019—Osaka Special Day

◎November 16 (Sat.) and 17 (Sun.)

◎9th floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

The Tohoku Region is situated in the northeastern part of Japan, and comprises six prefectures. The fair offers gourmet food based on delicious seafood, and sweets using fruits that are local delicacies. Highlights will include ramen in soup made from dried sardines, bento featuring abalone or scallop, and apple pies.

Tohoku Food Fair

◎November 13 (Wed.) to 19 (Tue.)

◎9th floor Event Hall

Located on the former site of Expo '70 in Osaka, the National Museum of Ethnology boasts one of the world's largest ethnological collections. Selected from this invaluable archive, this event will exhibit about 120 items of ethnic costumes from around the world, based on the keyword “kawaii” (cute.)

National Museum of Ethnology Collection: Kawaii Ethnic Costumes

◎November 13 (Wed.) to 25 (Mon.)

◎9th floor Hankyu Umeda Gallery [admission fee needed]

The fair showcases items related to Christmas, focusing on the Eastern European countries and the three Baltic countries, where a rich culture of handiwork has been maintained. In this fair, you can find ceramic tableware from Boleslawiec, a town in southwestern Poland, and embroidery from the Transylvania region in Romania.

Eastern European / Three Baltic Countries' Fair

◎November 20 (Wed.) to 25 (Mon.)

◎9th floor Event Hall

This market will bring together Christmas wreaths and other decorations, as well as Christmas confectionary from various countries around the world. Visitors can also enjoy orchestra and ballet performances on stage. A huge mirror ball illumination will be turned on at 11:00 am on November 27 (Wed.).

Dramatic Christmas Market 2019

◎November 26 (Tue.) to December 25 (Wed.)

◎9th floor SHUKUSAI Plaza

*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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