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This expo will bring together beauty items and cosmetics that have been selected with a particular focus on "Nippon." Please enjoy shopping for and trying on Japan-quality items that seek to enhance your own beauty.

—Six-day Exploration of Japanese Beauty—

◎February 27 (Thu) to March 3 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall


©Laziz Hamani

We offer you a great opportunity to witness the precious artisanship of Christian Dior. In a booth that recreates an atelier, you can watch artisans create a "Bar" jacket and a "Lady Dior" bag—symbols of Dior's new look that has revolutionized the fashion industry.

"DIOR, from Paris to Japan"

◎March 1 (Sun) to March 15 (Sun)

◎9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery, Art Stage, Hankyu Umeda Hall

The fair will showcase a variety of eyeglasses from about 40 brands in Japan and abroad, ranging from functional models featuring a modern design, to luxury models decorated with jewelry.

World Eyeglasses Fair 2020

◎March 4 (Wed) to 10 (Tue)

◎9F Event Hall , 7F Eyeglasses Section

Savor the charms of cookies at a section where you can select and pack your favorite cookies into original cans, and another section where you can find a collection of "cute" cookies.

3rd Cookie Collection—Charms of Cookies

◎March 4 (Wed) to 15 (Sun)


France Fair 2020 will feature products from the Normandy region in France. Highlights include sable (shortbread biscuits) baked using cultured butter, and galettes and other items made in Cherbourg, famous as the setting for a well-known film starring Catherine Deneuve. You can also enjoy finding vintage sundries and fashion items from various parts of France.

France Fair 2020

◎March 18 (Wed) to 24 (Tue)


*The contents and title of the event are subject to change.
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