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An underground treasure trove of treats!
Introducing exquisite recommended products from the Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s food floors.

  • à la campagne

    The Tarte Méli-mélo is the most popular tart from specialty tart shop à la campagne. This luxurious dessert is made with plenty of colorful fruits.

    Tarte Méli-mélo (1 slice) 789 yen

  • Pâtisserie Mon Cher

    Enjoy moist, egg-rich baked dough filled with original cream made from raw milk from Hokkaido. The light flavor of the cream—boasting the unique aroma and richness of raw milk—is sure to please even those who are not usually fans of fresh cream.

    Dojima Roll (Roll cake) 1,377 yen


    This gorgeous, delicate treat features a chocolate rose in bloom within a tulip-shaped langue de chat biscuit. The set includes three flavors: sweet-and-sour berry, deep caramel nut, and refreshing passion mango.

    (6 pieces) 1,134 yen

  • Bâton d'or

    Bâton d’or—French for “golden stick”—are butter-rich pretzel treats infused with sour cream butter and coated in an original-recipe chocolate.

    Bâton d'or
    (Chocolate and Sugar Butter)
    540 yen each

  • GRAND Calbee

    The GRAND Calbee brand was created through a collaboration between Hankyu Department Store and Calbee, and the only permanent GRAND Calbee store is located at Hankyu Umeda Main Store. Choose from two flavors: Potato Basic offering a simple potato taste and flavor, and the deep-fried and roasted Potato Roast highlighting an enhanced potato flavor.

    Potato Basic
    (Salt / Butter / Kombu)

    Potato Roast
    (Roasted Salt / Burnt Soy Sauce / Burnt Caramel)
    580 yen each
    [Exclusive to Hankyu]

  • Keishindo

    Enjoy carefully baked rice crackers made with a wide variety of shrimp including Japanese tiger prawn, northern shrimp, shiba shrimp, and botan shrimp—available only from Keishindo. Discover the unique tastes of each type of shrimp, whether baked whole, seasoned and grilled, broiled, or rolled.

    Shrimp Assortment 3,564 yen


    Uncover the unique fragrance and flavor of Uji green tea encased in glossy dark green jelly. The texture of the rice flour dumplings and the elegant sweetness of the Hokkaido azuki beans further enhance the green tea’s fragrance. Serve with the included dark tea sauce for even more flavor!

    Yamari Jelly 540 yen

  • Taneya

    Fukumi Tenbin are handmade monaka with soft rice gyuhi in azuki bean paste sandwiched between two fragrant crisp wafers. In recognition of Osaka’s Umeda district—named partly for its legendary ties to plum trees (“ume” means “plum” in Japanese)—these delicious treats come in gorgeous exclusive, original packaging with a delicate plum design.

    Fukumi Tenbin with exclusive Hankyu Umeda Main Store box
    (6 pieces) 1,210 yen [Exclusive to Hankyu]


    This fine Japanese sencha is infused with the sweet, fresh fragrance of juicy white peaches. The refreshing taste is also great for iced tea.

    White Peach Sencha
    (50 g; can with illustrated label)
    1,150 yen

  • Asahi-Shuzo Sake Brewing

    Revel in this complex, robust junmai daiginjo sake boasting a luxurious aroma and heavy flavor that overlap and complement each other. This Japanese sake makes for a great birthday gift for that special someone or the perfect toast at seasonal events and occasions.

    Kubota Manju
    4,004 yen


*Listed prices are tax-inclusive.

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