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Introducing unique products that embody the skill and craftsmanship of Japanese artisans while highlighting the wonders of Japanese products.


    The pearl used in this necklace is non-tinted, drawing attention to the pearl’s natural color. With a selection of rare Akoya pearls available to match your skin tone, the 10 mm round orb is both unique and impressive.

    Necklace 214,500 yen

  • Grand Seiko

    This watch features a pure-white dial and a bright titanium case for a lightweight look. Powering the watch is Seiko’s Spring Drive—the industry’s so-called “third engine”—offering the same high precision as quartz with a reliable spring commonly used in mechanical watches.

    Heritage Collection SBGA211 Watch
    (Material: Bright titanium;
    Movement: Self-winding spring drive;
    Water resistance: 10 bars; Case size: 41)
    682,000 yen

  • Ken Okuyama EYES

    Introducing a new frame from Ken Okuyama EYES, the eyewear brand of Kiyoyuki “Ken” Okuyama, one of Japan’s leading industrial designers. The frame offers a distinctive ergonomic fit that has been highly praised for its combination of aesthetics and practicality. Meanwhile, the carbon-fiber accents are reminiscent of automobile designs.

    KO-306 Glasses 102,300 yen

  • Namiki

    The “Dragon” fountain pen is decorated with maki-e traditional Japanese lacquerware. Two dragons, popular symbols of protection and fortune, have been lacquered and polished under several layers for a 3D effect complemented by a dazzling mother-of-pearl inlay.

    “Dragon” — Emperor collection of lacquer fountain pens
    880,000 yen


    While some products often use other metals to provide hardness, NOUSAKU’s cutlery rests—decorated with auspicious Japanese designs for bringing luck—are made of 100% tin. The designs include plums, tortoise shells, ocean waves, gourds, and sacred bamboo, and make use of the characteristic softness of the materials.

    Lucky symbol cutlery rests
    (5 pieces) 8,800 yen

  • SUSgallery

    Made of double-walled titanium, this goblet tumbler fuses the beauty and metalworking techniques of Tsubame, Niigata—known for its superior metalworking—with advanced temperature retention effects. Ideal for aromatic drinks such as alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea, this is the perfect choice for entertaining VIPs across the world.

    TITANESS Tumbler Goblet Mirror
    22,000 yen

  • Hyozaemon

    Of all Japanese tableware, chopsticks are used daily with nearly every meal, usually more than 1,000 times a year. Tsugaru lacquered chopsticks are known for their unique texture, ease of use, and robustness, often lasting more than 10 years when handled with care.

    Tsugaru lacquered chopsticks
    6,050 yen each

  • Sakai-Tohji

    Marvel at the beautiful wave pattern of hard and soft materials stacked in alternating layers with a special hard alloy in between—the magnificent work of a master craftsman of Sakai, the home of Japanese knives! The blade’s integrated bolster prevents the handle from rotting as well as looseness and harmful impacts.

    Damascus Santoku knife
    33,000 yen

  • Imabari Towel

    Imabari Towel is representative of Japanese quality with its safe, secure, and high quality products such as this basic colored towel. Using American and Australian cotton ensures a highly absorbent, soft texture that wraps your skin in a firm, comforting feel.

    Wash towel 660 yen
    Face towel 1,320 yen
    Bath towel 3,520 yen

  • ReFa

    From ReFa—known for their popular beauty rollers—comes ReFa BEAUTECH RAISE, a quick-acting outer skin layer treatment that takes just 5 minutes. This safe, made-in-Japan product is best when used with ReFa’s deep-penetrating collagen peptide serum.

    41,800 yen
    (50 ml) 4,800 yen
    (50 ml) 4,800 yen


*Listed prices are tax-inclusive.

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