Notice of business hours
From Wednesday, July 15
The business hours will be as follows
for the time being.


Request to coming customer
◆Please come to the store by mask wearing.
◆As you install alcohol antiseptic solution in each site in the shop, please sterilize timely finger.
◆I may decline entering a shop about bad customer of physical condition.
◆Avoid crowded times (just after opening and before closing) whenever possible.
◆Please visit with as few people as possible.
◆As for the escalator and elevator, I would like the use that we leave interval with former customer.

Hakata Hankyu-The big department store where style meets fun
1F-8F: Recommended items from fashion floors

With extensive selection of ladies', men's and kid's fashion items, Hakata Hankyu offers something for everyone. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff member is ready to serve you with a smile.

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